Design and Build

Design & build

All of the necessary skills and services under one roof.

3D CAD Modelling

3d cad modelling

Frame design models to help visualise the finished product before manufacture.

Local Manufacture


We are based right here in Berkshire and all our frames are manufactured in our workshop. We actively promote site visits to the workshop so our customers can see their frames being made.

Site Fabrication


The team on site erecting the frame will be the same team who manufacture the frame so maintaining responsibility for the product.

Turnkey Solution


Responsibility for all activities on site delivering a seamless product through to handover.

Everybody on site was an absolute pleasure to deal with. They were always polite – always remembered to say please and thank you. Altogether I think we have had around 7 on site. I have no complaints – they were always tidy, and thoughtful. Absolutely charming.

Case Studies

Theatre Barn Theatre Barn Case Study
Restaurant Roof Primary School Case Study
Martins Case Study 3


Is Oak frame construction expensive?

Yes and No - like all things in life you get what you pay for and oak frame buildings are no different. You can buy a mass-produced kit frame for a garage building online and it will be perfectly serviceable but it will be a very basic.

Can you take care of everything?

Yes of course we can. The Barn Partnership is an Architectural Design company as well as a Manufacturer so we have all the skills and knowledge to take a project from Planning Permission through to handing over the keys.

Can I use my own Builder?

Yes of course. However we would say that sometimes it isn't convenient to break a project down into packages that no one has full responsibility for. We can advise you on a project by project basis on the responsibilities and duties required under the Construction Design and Management 2015 regulations (CDM).

What is the difference between Green, Air Dried and Kiln Dried oak?

Green oak is typically a beam that has been felled and cut to size within 3-6 months and will have roughly 80% moisture content. We use Green oak for most outbuildings. The Term 'Green' refers to the fresh nature of the beam and not its colour!

Air Dried oak is the same as green oak only older - it has been felled and cut to section size and then stored for 3-5 years before being used. The moisture content varies but the oak will dry naturally by 25-30mm per year so a 150mm x 150mm beam would be considered Air Dried after 3 years. We use Air Dried oak for extensions and house frames to minimise shrinkage and distortion of the frames.

Kiln Dried oak is as it sounds - this material is typically a higher grade and is used in the manufacture of joinery products so are much smaller section sizes. It is usually air dried initially and then dried in a kiln that controls temperature and humidity to produce a more uniform product suitable for manufacture into windows, doors and flooring.

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Company Director


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